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    I am a life coach, inspirational speaker,  TV and Radio host, author, podcast host, humanitarian, and motivational speaker.

    I love to inspire you to live your brightest life and express yourself with confidence and impact. Because it's your birthright


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    Is there an issue in your life that you’ve been banging up against. Whether it’s a relationship struggle, a food issue, or even where you’ve been keeping yourself small. The frustration occurs when we try to solve deeper issues, with quick fixes. Only to be sucked back to the original problem, again and again.

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    Thanks to Sandra I have connected, tuned and embraced my body like never before. I felt so comfortable to trust her and follow her guidance during our coaching session. She just knew how to take me on the journey and nourish my deep feminine. There is something so powerful and magical about her wisdom, voice, and energy that it’s worth experiencing.



    I met Sandra a few years ago, and I had the opportunity to receive several healings who brought me deep into myself.I also had the chance to follow some of her group sessions, where I was amazed by her power and her femininity.After starting the sessions for myself, I trusted so much her and her energy that I brought my husband and my teenage kids for healing sessions. Sandra simply guided my husband into his emotional path so that he could heal from his asthma. She helped my kids to grow in harmony and to recognize and accept their emotions and who they are.I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed.



    "It was one of the best development programs I have ever joined. I gained an even deeper understanding of who I am, and especially what I stand for and got an encouragement to get there. In a very sensitive way, Sandra guided me through my life, from the past, through the present to the future, from a small child to a brighter woman."

    This book will inspire you to transform and brighten your life.

    Stories from 38 transformational leaders who shared their own personal growth and Transformational experience in life.

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